Case Studies

For the NWS, I used HTBasic to control spectrum analyzers to monitor the frequency stability of NWS radiosondes, as they were put through temperature and pressure environmental chambers. It was also used for network analyzer control for a chamber built to test radiosonde antennas.

For the DOJ, I used HTBasic to control a spectrum analyzer to monitor regional federal police spectrum usage, to determine utilization of federal police UHF channels.

We’ve been using HTBasic for over 15 years now and could not be more pleased with the product.  We originally had our programs running on several HP 9845 workstations connected to a few spectrum analyzers.  One by one these machines started to fail and we were tasked with finding a way to move our thousands of lines of code onto another platform. Your software product made this process fairly seamless for us and we were able to port our code over and then run it successfully on PC’s running Windows 95.  Several years, several Windows OS updates, and several HTBasic updates later we are still using the same code on our test stations.