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    we have a program in HT basic thats saves measurement values into a HFSLIF WS_FILE and displyas them.
    When i open this file (i need to write the data to SQL) i get some strange results.
    If the data was written like this: variable$(1)=data$ i can read it using notepad.
    But if it was written like this: variable$(1)=VAL$(data) i get strange records in the file.
    Here is what i mean:
    @( ?üĚĚĚĚĚÍ @” @( @$ @uŕ @2 @< @˝L @T @1 @1 @Ź@ @‚Ŕ @? @Ź@ @333333@333333 @( @H @’Ŕ @·p @333333 ˙
    The first number (“@(“) should be 12, the second one (“?üĚĚĚĚĚÍ”) should be 1,8, the third one is empty.

    My question is how do i get “integers” from this “strings”? What is the encoding for this data?

    Thank you, have a nice day,

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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