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    Strangely, it was working, talking to my PNA, without any interface loaded in AUTOST until I restarted my PC.
    Once I restarted it, then it said Interface Not Present.
    Now, I’ve tried it your way and I get this error.
    ERROR 150 in 351 Bad select code or device spec
    Line 351; LOAD BIN “HPIBS;DEV gpib0 ISC 7”

    While I don’t have any problem talking to it from Command Expert with my E8364C at GPIB0::16::INSTR.
    And these interface settings;
    VISA Interface ID: GPIB0
    GPIB Address: 21
    SICL Interface ID gpib0
    Logical Unit: 7
    And this is the same setup I had before the restart.

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