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    I don’t know exactly how to do what you want however here are two methods I use to deal with printers.

    Method 1) You can allow the person to select the printer at the beginning of the program using “CONTROL 10,102;1″ This will pop up the windows configure print driver box and allow them to select their printer.

    Method 2) I have a startup script that runs on the computers that automatically clears out the saved printer in registry for HTBasic. This way HTBasic will automatically select to use the default windows printer.

    The Key I Remove Via a Logon Script is Located at:
    HKCU:\SOFTWARE\Transera Corp.\TranEra – HTBasic\[Version HERE]\Drivers\1” <- Remove the Whole “1” Folder/Key. Just delete it HTBasic will recreate it.

    By deleting that key/folder before HTBasic runs and setting up the default printer within windows which can also be done via a startup script HTBasic will automatically use the default windows printer.

    I hope this helps. Sorry i am late to the reply but i do not check this forum very often.



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