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Ralph Wilson

    Hi Bert,

    There are two things that you may need to do to fix this.

    First, if you are accessing a network printer, you need to map it to lpt1 with NET USE. If the printer is on another computer, you will need the password of a user on that computer so that you have permission to execute this as follows:

    NET USE LPT1: \\computer_name\printer_name /PERSISTENT:YES /USER:userid thePassword

    This user does not have to be logged in, but simply exist.

    Second, since you are now on a new computer/OS, the default setting for the printer may need to be changed in Properties/Advanced with the option “Print directly to the printer” vs “Spool print documents…”.

    If you are still having problems with these settings, a possible workaround is the following:

    In your program, direct your output to a file instead of lpt1 (ISC 26). Then, when you are ready to print the file, use:

    EXECUTE "start /min notepad /p "&Path$&File$ ! where Path$ is the folder path to your file and File$ is the name of the file

    Alternately, if you are actually printing to lpt1, you could try:

    EXECUTE "print /d:lpt1 "&Path$&File$ ! since lpt1 is the default, you can omit /d:lpt1

    Or, if printing to a network printer named “printer1” on a computer named “copyroom”:

    EXECUTE "print /d:\\copyroom\printer1 "&Path$&File$

    Note: In the above examples, a command line window is opened by EXECUTE that you will have to manually close.

    Let us know if any of this helps.


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