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    Andrei Pilipovich

      Dear Forum,

      In company we’re in the process of migration that includes HTBasic upgrade from v6.0. to v21.1.011. So far everything was going quite smooth until I faced an issue with loading our custom-built DLL for ADO (msado15.dll) calls written in Delphi XE 5 (and older). Issue is that new version doesn’t load functions with CSUBs throwing Error 7. I was able to DLL LOAD and GET and LIST DLL these functions, but they actually do nothing.

      This is a sample export of one of the functions:

      function ado_connect(Npar : longint;
      		     var UserName : Tstr; var UserName_dim : Dim;
                           var PassWord : TStr; var Password_dim : Dim;
                           var DBSource : TStr; var DBSource_dim : Dim;
                           var Fail : SmallInt):longint;export;cdecl;

      And PRO part

      SUB Ado_connect(Username$,Password$,Dbsource$,INTEGER Fail)

      I tried to re-make CSB with old DLL and new PRO, but got error from CSUB tool – Missing pre-run information.

      For DLL statements, I was getting this function as:

          DLL LOAD "ADOMaceDba"
          DLL GET "CDECL LONG ADOMaceDba:ado_connect" AS "Ado_connect"
      END IF

      So right now, I’m looking for newer version on Delphi and build newer DLL. I have also started to develop the same functionality with latest MSVC utilizing the same msado15.dll.

      I was suggested to post in the Forum by TransEra support team, since I’m dealing with pretty old stuff 🙂

      I know that it is better to upgrade/re-create DLL, but right now it would be more effective to find quick workaround, continuing to re-write the DLL a bit later.

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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