Ready to Launch? Let's Get Started!

The Getting Started Guide explains basic setup and initial configuration instructions for HTBasic including its loadable device drivers.
The User Guide contains in-depth information about using the HTBasic language.
The Reference Manual consists more of a dictionary style presentation of HTBasic keywords with syntax definition, samples, descriptions, and example programs. It also includes a list of definitions, a statement summary, a list of error messages, an ASCII code chart, and a list of GPIB IEEE-488 commands and addresses.
Widget Builder (formerly known as BPlus) is a set of graphical extensions to HTBasic for creating Windows style graphical user interfaces (GUIs) using widgets and dialogs in either code or using a Visual ScreenBuilder utility.
The HTBasic Math Library is a collection of compiled signal processing and other higher mathematical functions that are faster and more convenient than writing equivalent HTBasic subroutines.