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    Hi Coreyk,
    I’m using a KEYSIGHT 82357B GPIB to USB to connect the workstation PC to the test equipment (DPO Oscilloscope , Spectrum Analyzer) connected with GPIB cables. The Connectivity IO suite is version 18.1.24 (one of latest) and the HTBasic is version 10.0.
    The PC OS is Windows 10 for Workstations, The Tektronix DPO Scope OS is Windows 10 Enterprise and its own Tek FW is updated to the latest.
    a. Is HTBasic 10.0 32-Bit , 64-Bit or both?
    b. We used to run this version of HTBasic with Windows XP and worked 95 %, PC crashed and now I’m trying to redo the test program on the mentioned above. Is any SCIP command with HTBasic that are no compatible on W10 or 32-Bit?
    c. Can I send you a copy of the test code used if all Questions above are OK?


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