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    I noticed that your program only has OUTPUT Statements.

    My program works great, until I try to read a marker with my analyzer.

    I can turn it on a peak signal and send the following commands.

    OUTPUT Analyzer;”:CALC:MARK1:FCO:X?”;B ! This statement asks for data from the device

    When I try to read the result with:
    ENTER Analyzer;B
    The program times out and give me an error: “168 in 2380 Device Timeout”

    Traditionally I have used this procedure, it seems to no longer work with 10.2 or the new trial software.

    Also, I noticed in a previous post in setting up the USB driver you had an ON ERROR statement
    That program has an ENTER Statement, but the *IDN? never returns anything.

    Your thoughts on reading from an instrument

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