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Troy Pulk


    There is nothing in the network after clicking the button.

    Also, my code says the ICS is 26 but when I try to set up a new printer or modify this one there is no 26 it goes from 25 to 27.
    The set up uses 10 automatically but there is no 10 in the code.

    If I change all the 26’s to 10 it only prints one line of letters and numbers.

    Also, CONTROL 10,102;1 does not work. I’ve tried different ones like 26,111;1 10,111;1 26,102;1 to no avail.

    It also says “sending graphics to HPGL color printer” then it times out.

    Can you look at my code above and see if there is another way to writie it?

    Since 26 is not working is there a way to see which ICS is working?

    Thanks for our help

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