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      A. I want to know if HTBasic is capable of loading and running a binary HP BASIC program file produced produced on and for an ancient HP 9000like.

      B. If so, is there a special option I should use when converting the LIF format files to DOS format using the LIF2DOS.EXE program?

      Here’s my experience:

      I’ve got test program disks for the HP8753 series Vector Network Analyzers. They are LIF-formatted and contain NON-ascii BASIC programs. Here’s what I’ve done so far:

      1. Used LIFUTIL utility to successfully create dos files from the original disk files using binary format options
      2. I installed HTBasic 10.1 Demo on Windows 7
      3. I loaded one of the programs, the edit window opens and two line numbers, 1 & 2 show in an otherwise completely blank display.
      4. I run the program and get:

      “ERROR 5 IN 2 Improper Context Terminator”

      I got the same result with every other program file and with the second of two options for binary file conversion.

      Obviously, from the error message, it’s complaining that the last statement is not an END. When I add END on line 2, I get nothing and no error message.

      Thanks for any help you can provide.



        HTBASIC cannot load native HPBASIC PROG Source. Even though you were able to convert the DISK FORMAT from LIF to DOS, the PROG File contents are still in HPBASIC P-TOKEN Format. The only way to do what you want is to obtain a HPBASIC Workstation, LOAD the PROG File into the BASIC Editor and then SAVE the program, which will save the program lines as ascii text.

        HTBASIC can then GET (rather than LOAD) the program file. Execution of the file will probably require some fix-up to port the code to HTBASIC.


          Thank you for the explanation. Makes sense. I originally thought TransEra could import the binary token code, but it’s probably proprietary and besides, it was never worth adding such a feature since very few would ever need it. When most people were moving directly from HP controllers to HTBasic/Windows, they obviously had the HP equipment to save in ASCII and transfer their programs.

          I had looked into a HP Workstation, but decided with the expense of getting a tested system and bench space required, it made more sense to write my own GPIB software to do what I need. It’s been fun.

          Thanks again.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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