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      I am running HTWIN83 aka HPBASIC for Windows that when I finish running a calibration program…any calibration program, I am unable to print the data to a .txt file.
      The settings are set to send the data to a C:\HTWIN\…|spool when the print (to file) option is clicked. Bear in mind I can successfully send the data to the CRT and I see it perfectly in the correct format, it’s just when I choose PRINT instead of CRT, I get the following error: ERROR 18 IN 12794. I’ve tried to do this on Windows 7 and on XP. I know this has worked on one laptop in our company, but that pc is dead. Can anyone assist?

      Andrew Smith

        When using HTWIN83 (HPBASIC for Windows) for calibration programs, encountering an ERROR 18 in 12794 prevents printing to a .txt file. Despite correct settings, the issue persists on both Windows 7 and XP. Seeking assistance to resolve the problem.


          Do you have made the configuration of the WIN-PRNT print driver in the HTBasic Device Setup ?

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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