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      I’m currently trying to manage our legacy code written in Hp/HT Basic and I haven’t found any diff tools that will play nice with a .prg file other than displaying in hex. Has anyone here had any luck with any diff tools? Thanks in advance.


        Hi, do you try Beyond Compare from Scooter software ?
        Work great if you copy-paste the HTBasic code with text format choice


          Hey ZeRider,

          I figured out you can save it as a .BAS file type and it can use the git diff tool that comes with git to compare files. Thanks for the reply!


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              One option is to add the following two lines two your source.

              ! RE-STORE “C:\PATH\MYPROG” ! Save prog version
              ! RE-SAVE “C:\PATH\MYPROG.txt” ! Save ASCII text version

              Then when you make a modification to your code you can also highlight and execute the re-save line. Then in git you can track the changes that happen in the ascii version when you check it into the repository.

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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