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    Looking for system information in HT Basic and I found this statement in help; “Minor differences in some SYSTEM$ responses exist where appropriate to reflect the hardware differences between the Windows and HP/UX operating systems. See SYSTEM$ in the on-line Reference Manual for more details.” But searching for manual finds nothing. And there isn’t any easy link on the web site for the reference manual. That should be easier to find.


    Very good idea.
    And some update on SYSTEM$(“VERSION:OS”) for the Windows 10 system could be great …
    Actually the response is “6.2 Windows NT”
    I found an alternative using “ProduKey” from NirSoft but a correction would be welcome

    Ralph Wilson

    A PDF version of the manual can be downloaded here:
    An online version of the manual can be viewed here:

    Ralph Wilson

    The manual can also be accessed from within HTBasic by clicking HELP on the main menu.
    Note that a Trial version of HTBasic can be downloaded at:
    This is the best way to try out basic syntax. HTBasic also includes an extensive list of Sample Programs.
    Note also that you can press F1 when the edit cursor is on a Keyword to automatically look it up in the HELP manual.

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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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