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      I have port the old Software from a Höfler Measurement CNC Machine to HT Basic for Windows. The software is very good running but my Problem is that the System Control Keys Group, from ITF HP 46020A Keyboard in the upper left Korner are not present know. I don’t find the the Keys on the windows Keyboard.
      The keys are programming foe the measurement software. Can any person tell me, where are the keys on the windows Keyboard???????

      Best regads

      Uwe Kerschbaumer


        Hi Uwe,
        Do you have seen in the code if some lines aren’t missing ?
        Your programming keys are probably on this syntax : ON KEY – LABEL “——–” GOTO —
        The command control Windows keyboard F1 to F8 (KEY 1 to 8)
        Normally all the programming keys are visible after a KEY LABELS ON command
        Write “KEY LABELS” in the help files to see some additional information

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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