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      My main test bench computer runs Windows 98SE and DOS (it’s necessary, not worth explaining). One of the GPIB cards has to be an AT/GPIB TNT (required by a particular analyzer, which interfaces with it directly). For other instruments I use a GPIB-PCII/IIA card which uses the same NI driver as the TNT in Windows (ver 1.70) and DOS.

      In DOS, HTBasic has its own drivers for these cards, and they work flawlessly. And so I write most of my software so that it will run in DOS HTBasic (yeah, I know, but hey, whatever works).

      In Win98SE (and XP), HTbasic interfaces with these cards through NI’s drivers. Over the years I have never been able to get reliable GPIB communications with NI’s drivers in 98SE using the HTB GPIBNI driver. Other apps which talk directly to the NI drivers work fine, but not HTB. I think I’ve tried every combination of interrupt, DMA, programmed I/O, changing slots in the computer, etc etc. But maybe I’ve missed something.

      If you have an NI card working reliably with HTB in Windows 98SE (or XP) using the GPIBNI driver, please share the setup and configuration you’re using.


        It is very old but I seem to remember that the configuration Windows 98 + AT-GPIB / TNT + HTBasic didn’t work.
        It was necessary to have an original old version of HP Basic with the dedicated NI driver.
        To confirm …


          OK, thanks for the confirm. If it’s true for WIn98, then it will be true for XP too, because the NI driver is the same for both OS’s (NI ver 1.70).

          It seems NI made sure that no card that worked in DOS will work with Windows. The AT-GPIB/TNT (and PCMCIA-GPIB) come the closest. But my bench computer doesn’t have PCMCIA. Sigh.


            This problem has been solved, see the details in this thread:

            The elusive GPIBN driver for HTB Windows 7.x

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