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      I worked with Rocky Mountain Basic in the 1986-91 time frame and really enjoyed it. I recently retired and have been experimenting with various languages (old and new). I heard about Transera’s HTBasic and tried to contact their salespeople to get a quote. No response and no luck trying to Download the Demo Version from their website, Is this product still being developed and/or sold?


        Hi Jr,
        Do you try to download your HTBasic Demo version from the Download page?
        I just try and seem to working well for me.
        Here in France, I buy my HTBasic licence from
        The guys are reactive and have good support because they are also HTBasic developer


          Don’t know if you have received an answer yet but as a beginner, I was looking for a solution to run the code examples in my HP manuals. I tried several “free” alternatives and did not want to either buy a 40+ year old machine and try to get it working or building an old DOS/Windows 3.1 machine to use QBASIC and HP IBasic. I downloaded the demo and liked it so much I actually bought a license, so far, all the code examples I have tried required little to no modification.

          Best Regards,

          Craig Petersen.

          Russell Lait

            Would you be interested in doing some work maintaining/updating some existing HPBasic/HTBasic code? If so please email me at

            Marry Smith

              Sometimes it’s a website’s issues maybe many people were downloading the same thing just wait for some time hope you will download the software. I’m looking for a luxury new development London from last few months can’t find the best one on my location if anyone knows kindly let me know will be thankful to you.

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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