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      Using HTBASIC v9.1 on Windows 7. I’ve found a problem with the WIN-PRINT driver where it reports ERROR 172 Peripheral Error when output is directed to ISC 26. I have used ISC26 in the past to send HPGL2 data to HP printers for graphical hardcopy. This seems to be a problem with compatibility between v9.1 and Windows 7 since everything worked fine under Windows XP in the past.

      I’ve also noticed the incompatibility between the v9.1 manuals and the Windows 7 help system.

      Has anyone discovered a work around for these issues?


        I should have mentioned that ISC26 is set to use LPT1, and LPT1 is directed to a network printer using the “NET USE” DOS command. Everything works OK in DOS, but not directly from HTBASIC.


          Perhaps you could try to send directly your DOS command with a synthax like this :
          EXECUTE CHR$(13) & Command$

          or other option create a batch file with all your necessary commands inside and execute it with HTBasic
          Command$=”cmd /C start /MIN MyFile.bat”



            Thanks for your response. I’m not sure if I understand you comment. I’d like to use HTBasic ISC26 to send raw data to the WIN-PRINT driver to output HPGL to a PCL5 printer.

            I believe you may be suggesting a workaround where I send the raw data to a text file, then use a DOS command to send the text file to the device that would have been addressed by ISC26. Is that correct?


              Not exactly.
              Create a text file “MyFile.txt” with the DOS command inside that is working with your system configuration
              Rename the file : “MyFile.bat”
              And execute this batch file with HTBasic

              I don’t know if it’s the best solution for you but it’s an idea when you said the DOS command is working.
              It could be also a good solution to add some function to HTBasic.
              For example, find bellow a batch file I use to see the tasklist content (need to have a D partition) :

              tasklist /v >”d:\tasklist.txt”

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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